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"Joe Guide Outfitters"
Wilmington, North Carolina

2018 -2019 Charter Rates...
Fishing Lower Cape Fear and New River Coastal inshore waters. Light Tackle & Fly  (4 hr Charters)
Traditional RAIL BIRD HUNTS Flood tide Hunting:
Railbird (Marsh hen) Hunt-Charters:
($350 1P or $700 2P)


 You can catch exceptional short video clips of - Joe Guide Fishing + Hunting on YOU TUBE.
Let's you get a taste of what Railbird hunting during a flood tide is all about.
Sitting in the gunner's chair -- while the guide poles your skinny water skiff through a flooding spartina grass flat.
Historical back country fishing and hunting.
** Book a father and son railbird hunt during a flood tides for best sucess.**
These occur three to five days each month of the 70 day wingshooting season.
Depending on weather and migration- you got a good chance to kill two species of the four huntable railbird species migrating the Atlantic seaboard coastline.
Make your call before the Fall season!!! Leave a message on my work cell. Remember that 90% of my clients book - six months to one year in advance- to get a flood tide date to hunt. 
Waterfowl Hunts can be mighty sweet throughout the holidays.
 Serious Duckaholic's should book a holiday hunt-date early, especially those who enjoy vacationing Wilmington, N.C. at Figure Eight Island, Southport, or Bald Head Island.
WATERFOWL HUNT CHARTERS are "4 hr Morning Hunts" only- and our charters are : $350 1P ($450 2P)- we use a 16 ft Mud Boat & Mud Motor rig.

Joe Guide Outfitters
Redfish- Specks-Flounder 
Inshore Light Tackle Fishing + Fly ($350 1P $450 2P (4hr Charters)
Traditional Rail Bird (Marsh hen) Hunts : $350 1P ($700 2 P)
Duck Hunts for -Duckaholic's only -  ($350 1P ($450 2P)

Joe Guide Outfitters
See the wilderness, the backcountry marshes, creeks and tidewaters. God made them for your enjoyment. Most sportsment visiting the Carolina coast rarely see them like you will--when you go Fishing or Wingshooting with Joe Guide behind the Atlantic Sea islands along Southeastern North Carolina.

We fish the Lower Cape Fear River Delta, Wrightsville Beach, and  Carolina Beach-Snows cut area...and north to Lower Bogue Sound and Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.
I grew up fishing the Cooper, Wando, lower/upper Santee,  and the Cape Romain NWR Backcountry. All those areas are bodacious backcountry fishing areas located in uniqe historic  regions throughout the of lower Carolina coast; North/NE of   historic Charleston.
Joe Guide Outfitters
      I remember Mr. Charlie B who used to guide for Canadian Geese up on Lake Mattamuskeet when I was just a kid. He retired to our little farming town in S.C.  and it was there that he taught me to "mouth call" geese. There were few goose call "makers" during the late 1960's and early 1970's, however I got a OLT #88  it was a old walnut- goose call that Mr. Charlie gave me. Called my first goose into the decoys off a sand bar near Goat Island, on Lake Marion.  It was in December, and the old Federal Game Warden Mr. "Ernest T." Rober came by to check on me out there amidst my set up of decoys and pit blind. He was working the National Wildlife Refuge at Santee which had at that time as many as 200,000 mallards.

Mr. Charlie was indeed quite a sportsman and a gentleman, and as he would always say- "gentlemen always shot SxS". His good friend, Mr. Jerry Robertsom always liked shooting a Winchester, and Charlie liked those Fox side by sides. The Model 24 with 30 in barels was a favorate goose shooting gun. He introduced me to a lot of those old guides that were still alive. They all talked reall funny...but being watermen, I never asked many questions, but just said, "yes sir..." You cannot go wrong showing a little kindness around older folk. 

The old man would tell me,"Boy... if you can learn to mouth call- ducks and geese, then you can easily replicate the major sequences of each species- on any duck or goose call". 

You know...there is alot of wisdom young fellows can learn from old waterfowlers, if we listen more carefully.

He was a good friend of "Mr. Jerry Robertson"; now let me tell you readers a thing or two. Mr. Jerry's Blind was perhaps the most wonderful duck hunting blind- in all the upper Santee swamp.

Now... when I was growing up, and I've seen a lot of blinds. Mr. Jerry big blind was quite a sight to see.

It had every ammenity known to man or beast. It was what you might say, a place you had to see to believe. Ducks were plentyful in those days, and Toy McCord couldn't hold a candle to the amount of ducks that seemed to want to visit Mr. Jerry's duck blind. It was as I recall about 18 feet high, and shot three person's comfortably. Camping was down below and well above the flood level. Everything but the kitchen sink was included in that structure.  

     Back to the goose hunting story.....Mr. Charlie... died in his sunken goose pit blind on a old farm that he leased on the SE side of that majestic Lake - a great many years ago, and he was holding hard to his OLT #88 (Canada Goose Call); (he didn't mouth call geese anymore) as he was almost 88 years old at the time of his death.

I was supposed to go up there after Christmas to shoot some Giant Canadas. He was in his pit blind all along but surrounded by Goose rags and sils and he had a few of those new Big Foot Goose Decoys which are still popular to this day.

My Papa said, (the high Sheriff) told him- that Mr. Charlie had half a thermos of hot coffee sitting beside him, his 32" SxS Parker Shotgun was leaning in the corner of the blind, and was one goose short of a limit.

     I recall my papa saying that,  " Mr. Charlie had a smile on his face" when they carried him  away from that blind. 

                                               {The End of that story}

It will be rail bird hunting season before too long, then duck hunting will get cranked up when the cold winds blow. 

There are a hell of a lot of those "giant Canadas" around SE North Carolina, however these ganders seem  smarter than most of my cousins, and their great goose leaders try to keep their flocks to hang out at  the super Wal Mart retention ponds, or the various  country club ponds. Even a blind fellow can see that their patterns have changed up quite a bit.  

These birds have understood that these areas off limits to hunting, and these geese seem to know the lay of the surrounding land, and choose to eat grass.

I do keep my eyes open and spotted a lone Snow Goose three days ago on the New River. Probably flew into our county with some Canada's from somewhere along the North Eastern Atlantic seaboard, as I only see a handful of Lesser Snow Geese each year, and most of those I see in South Carolina on the Santee,  however in 2005 the Federal Game Warden at Camp Lejeune told me that there were  a few Snow Geese killed in the first day of early goose season in Onslow County. Now that really is something new in that these lesser snow geese are ranging further southward looking for more food sources. Since mostly coastal leased corn fields are used for deer hunting clubs, most people never see these geese.

  There is some more colder weather pushing in from the NW and a few  good NorEastern storms will certainly push down & bring the Bluebills back to our SE Coast. 

     Winter is also for "oyster eating" or some mighty good clam chowder.

     You know...really good chower making - eis an art in itself. Containing no tomatoes or milk. Keep it simple. Clams, fried onions, fried fatback done right, and salt and pepper...and a lot of Saltine crackers.

Mrs. Mary Jane Pompy, who was the head cook @ theHUNGRY COW Cafe' for about 37 years use to say:

     Follow ya'll nose...it's knows....Hey now....Ya'll hungry now ?
God bless...hope you and your son book one of the-- Youth Duck Hunt Charters before they are booked up.
No other fishing guide along North Carolina's coast has won the prestegious- "US National Collegate Sportsfishing Title".

    Your Guide -Captained- the USC Coastal Carolina- Sports Fishing Team to it's first win the 1984 Fall INTERCOLLEGE SPORTSFISHING TOURNMENT during my senior year at the University. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Clemson, UM, UFL, UGA and USC sportfishing teams  come together in this the oldest of all Collegte Sportsfishing events. 

     I've been writtern about in FIELD & STREAM, OUTDOOR LIFE, NC SPORTSMAN, FLY FISHING IN SALTWATER, OWAA National Magazine's- OUTDOOR NEWS. Wilfowling Articles on Joe Guide can be found via American WILDFOWLER Magazine, N.C. Sportsman, Waterfowler.com, Texas Outdoors, the Saltwater Fishing Journal, and the Military Sportsman Magazine. Internationally in Tanzinia, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, El' Jazera, NAVY TIMES ARMY TIMES, USAF TIMES, and sundary AP/UPI articles. 

     I am also a OWAA Outdoor Writer, sportsman, humanitarian, and a volunteer with Wounded Warriors, and volunteer for Missing Persons searches. I am a USCG Registered {Six Pack} Captain Walter (Joe Guide) Dinkins. 

     Who better to guide you throughout the backwater wildreness of creeks, cuts and miles of spartina grass flats than a Presbyterian Minister, and USN 30 year Veteran; to show you our inshore waters along the lowcountry sea islands of the Lower Cape Fear River, the ICW, or our shallow flats, bays, river esturaries, and creeks that eventunally all flow into the wonderious Atlantic Ocean.