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"Joe Guide Outfitters"
Wilmington, North Carolina

2018 -2019 Charter Rates...
Fishing Lower Cape Fear and New River Coastal inshore waters. Light Tackle & Fly  (4 hr Charters)
Traditional RAIL BIRD HUNTS Flood tide Hunting:
Railbird (Marsh hen) Hunt-Charters:
($350 1P or $700 2P)


 You can catch exceptional short video clips of - Joe Guide Fishing + Hunting on YOU TUBE.
Let's you get a taste of what Railbird hunting during a flood tide is all about.
Sitting in the gunner's chair -- while the guide poles your skinny water skiff through a flooding spartina grass flat.
Historical back country fishing and hunting.
** Book a father and son railbird hunt during a flood tides for best sucess.**
These occur three to five days each month of the 70 day wingshooting season.
Depending on weather and migration- you got a good chance to kill two species of the four huntable railbird species migrating the Atlantic seaboard coastline.
Make your call before the Fall season!!! Leave a message on my work cell. Remember that 90% of my clients book - six months to one year in advance- to get a flood tide date to hunt. 
Waterfowl Hunts can be mighty sweet throughout the holidays.
 Serious Duckaholic's should book a holiday hunt-date early, especially those who enjoy vacationing Wilmington, N.C. at Figure Eight Island, Southport, or Bald Head Island.
WATERFOWL HUNT CHARTERS are "4 hr Morning Hunts" only- and our charters are : $350 1P ($450 2P)- we use a 16 ft Mud Boat & Mud Motor rig.

Joe Guide Outfitters is located in the ancient port city of Wilmington, North Carolina and is a Inshore Fishing and Wildfowl guide service that operates in the regional area of our coastal waters fishing and hunting.
Walter (Joe Guide) Dinkins is your host, and is a six-pack USCG Certified Capt. He is also a Retired CDR in the U.S. Navy, with five combat deployments; and thirty years of honorable service to the nation in times of peace and times of War. Thank you for booking a charter with a Veteran and supporting Wounded Warrior programs. 

We utilze two skiffs a 19.9 ft Big Skiff with a 50 HP Outboard, Jack-plate, trolling motor, and Power-Pole. The big skiff is used for three or four clients charters, and my unique 16.5 Skiff with a 35 Hp Mud Motor. This skiff is primarily used for- shallow water fishing, and wingshooting for the guide and one, or two clients.
Check out JOE GUIDE (YOU TUBE) hunt and fishing videos to see us in operation. Like us on FACEBOOK.