Wilmington, N.C.  

Inshore Fishing and traditional Rail Bird Hunting Charters
Inshore Saltwater Fishing or Wingshooting for Rail birds
REDFISH...Speckled Sea Trout...Flounder throughout the seasons of the year. Fishing and Wingshooting the Lower Cape Fear River backcountry delta marshes, bays. When the seasons change we trailer the skiff north to the New River's bays and rivers along the coastal regions off  Camp Lejeune, N.C. or the Lower Bogue.
chase redfish - flooded grass
Flood tide redfishing during the warmer months allows for stalking tailing redfish during flood tides by poling or wade fishing in miles of flooded spartina grass flats. 
Inshore Fishing charters
Traditional Rail Bird Hunts
Waterfowl Hunts Nov-Dec-Jan
4 hour Fishing Charters for $350 1P and $450 for two persons. I like fishing two hours prior to a flood tide to two hour afterwards.
**You need to leave a message to inquire about available dates. 
Rail Bird Hunt Charters are $350 1 P and $700 for 2 P.
 Rail bird hunting is done during a 4 hr charter- during a rail bird Flood Tide.
Bring a box of non--toxic #6 or #7.5 L/B shotgun shells. I would recommend a 20ga, 16, or 28 ga shotgun.  A 12 ga shotgun is too much gun for railbird hunting. You are looking at 15 - 25 yard shots from the gunners chair during  SEPT-OCT - NOV along  our coastal salt marshes. You will gun railbirds from our skiff's rigged for railbird hunting which migrate along our eastern shore marshes. Your guide will pole your skiff in Spartina grass flats and marshes. 
**New Customers pay in full** prior to booking a specific date. 90% of my clients are return customers.
Note: all four huntable railbird species can be found throughout a 70 day season; Clapper Rail birds domiate most limits. There are quite a number of Sora killed during the first two months, and I see a few Virginia and King Railbirds late in the season.  
The South Eastern N.C. Coast has  migratory duck populations that are a mix of puddle ducks in some regions and diver ducks in other regions. All are dominated by just how bad the cold fronts are in our middle Atlantic region and the Outer Banks. Holiday dates are popular and should be booked early.  Duck hunting charters are $350 1P and $450 2 P.  I offer a limited number of duck hunts and primarily use a boat blind during our morning duck hunt charters.
     Wilmington, North Carolina
     You can experience the Lower Cape Fear backcountry in all its beauty throughout the seasons of the year, but remember this delta area is thousands of acres of bay, creeks and drainage ditches, saltwater duck ponds. Robert Raurk wrote about it THE OLD MAN and the BOY.
     Field and Stream and Outdoor Life has written about the CAPE FEAR RIVER's Fishing and hunting throughout the years. The Delta Marsh of the Lower Cape Fear River has an average depth of 3.3 feet however it does have a number of big holes back in it's deeper creeks, and its channels that run the length of the "cribbins"  which seperate the first and second bays with heavy rock- cribbins which denote the inner bay and marsh areas from the shallow flats extending out  to the Cape Fear River's Ship Channel about a mile to its west.

     These "rock cribbins" protect the inner backcountry from storm deteriation and slow the tidal flow. They actually date back to President Grant Administration and end during President Grover Cleveland's administration, but competion of this project was interrupted throughout the years-  due to politics and congressional funding.

     Mr. James Sprunt's exceptional history book: CHRONICLES of the CAPE FEAR  1660 - 1916 explains more fully those aspects. The inner channels were dug out by steam shove and dredge, initally by free-men of color under very difficult conditions, and later by other contract workers. There are massive shallow flats of Buzzard bay (3d bay) connected by 4-7 foot muddy creeks with various creeks that flood old duck ponds and spartina grass flats  that dominate the landscape of island and backwater fishing spots that are hard to get to until the flood tides occur.  
Inshore saltwater fishing, fly- fishing, and wing shooting for rail bird (Marsh Hens) during these seasons of the year. If you enjoy the outdoors and being out in the back country when you are hunting and fishing  then you will certainly enjoy yourself with us throughout the seasons of the year. See my Fishing and Wingshooting Videos (YOUTUBE) has many different long or short videos you can see. Look for "Joe Guide Railbird hunts...or Joe Guide Fishing Video Clips".