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Inshore Fishing and traditional Rail Bird Hunting Charters

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North Carolina SE Coast we have Porters Neck, Figure Eight Island, Landfall Community, old down-town by the river, and elightful beaches such as the Wrightsville Beach, and driving down 421 S, your get to Carolina Beach and Kurie Beach, and Fort Fisher and the Aquarium.

     The Cape Fear River and it's tributaries dump millions of gallons of fresh water that before it hits the Saltwater it creates a Delta Marsh that is a unique backcountry wonderland for fishing and wing shooting of duck and railbirds. Lots of saltwater duck ponds, creeks and bays where millions of crabs, shrimp and redfish breed and develop within that Esturary System.
 I look forward to fishing or hunting with you if you book a charter with JOE GUIDE OUTFITTERS.

There are many guides...but only one = Joe Guide.

 Author of the RAIL BIRD HUNTERS BIBLE...and - RED FISH on A FLY.

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You will have a exceptional fishing or wingshooting experience. 
These are four hour charters.

I focus primarily on back country tidal regions - ranging from the lower Cape Fear River and its delta to other areas around Lejeune depending on the seasons of the year.

When the Speckled Sea Trout start running, I often trailer my skiff as far north as the New River tributaries near Camp Lejeune. We have quite a unique fishery however when I am wade fishing in the summer and early fall, I perfer the lower Cape Fear River vast short spartina grass flats if you are talking redfish.  

    Miles and miles of creeks and bays are found here, as well as off the ICW and many inlets that impact our fishery, yet there are some areas that might be better than others - during the seasons of the year. That is why it is important to keep up with what is happensing on the water and in the backcountry.

Various bays, creeks and flats all have their unique seasons when game and fish are plentyful, some areas due to weather conditions might be better to fish during various tides or seasons of the year.
     Some areas might be better to fish from Tuesday - Thursday due to heavy weekend fishing. 

I certainly like the Lower Cape Fear region, however if the fishing is better off the New River - then that is where we might need to go. You got to make the call to book a charter.
I might recommend an area to fish due to the tide, wind and weather conditions, or even a early morning trip especially during the heat of the summer.

 If you desire stalking a big redfish in the grass, then you must understand that there must be a big enough flood tide that only occurs during a new, or full moon period; so ask me if that is something you are really interested in.

Lot of people really like to do that beacuse it is unique adventure, and not a lot of people get to do it because you got a lot of variables that are necessary for redfish are not always on various flats. There are reasons why certain conditions must occur to have the best fishing trip, and you got to go on a flood tide if you want to go wade fishing. 

What is the mathamatical formula for Wade fishing sucess for redfish in the grass of our low country salt marshes? First realize not all flats are wadable, and you got to have various aspects that come together to ensure that there will be redfish in some flats, but not all flats. Some flats have more crabs than others, and some will have more oxygen due to flood tides occuring of a certain hight, but some areas might be hammered due to predators or human activity.

 This is not as simple as one might imagine. Here is the formula...
 (Flood tide x h20 tempreture + primary and secondary food species) = a flat that has multiple feeder creeks. 

Flood tide wade fishing. You need a flat and a tide and the the fish got to be working/feeding on that particular flat.
I have seen as many as 112 tailing reds in one giant flat and two days later I counted 9 in that same flat during a flood tide week. What do you think caused the massive drop in numbers?  Reds can be spooky like that, however, they move through one flat and then exit it by another creek, and move on to another flats that next day's high tide. You just got to know where to find them.

 So you need multiple flats like that to utilize and the best ones are usually in the back country delta marsh near certain flood creeks and cuts. 
     If winds are heavy, then there are a number of bigger tidal creeks to choose from that are not impacted due to heavy winds. Some might have deeper holes to fish for various species than in other creeks.

The week prior to Halloween, the specks start coming into the inlets and creeks closest to those inlets from the north East of the state, and schooling activity continues until about the end of the full moon of December
Other areas it is fine and dandy as long as you have a good tide bringing sufficent oxygen and food species. Each tidal area from my northern to my southern regions that I go are unique fisheries, and some offer more shots at different species at various seasons of the year.  
I offer saltwater fishing, and fly fishing charters. Also I offer charters for wing-shooting for railbirds in Sept-Oct-Nov months.  
For Duckaholics, I offer a limited number of four hour morning waterfowl hunt charters during the seasons of November, December and January